Charlotte Dumas, Al lavoro!

Charlotte Dumas, Al lavoro!

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Published in 2011, Al Lavoro! by Charlotte Dumas was FantomBooks’ third release.

The book is the result of the cooperation between Fantom's Francesco Zanot and Andrea Botto, respectively curator and director of the 5th edition of Rapallo Fotografia festival. Dedicated to examining contemporary photographic practice, Rapallo Fotografia Contemporanea entrusted Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas to document the subject of working dogs in the region. Dumas’ depictions investigate the formal and psychological attributes of portrait photography, studied by the way that we relate to animals. Thus the dogs become projections of our own thinking, while the intimate, eloquent and sculptural quality of the images are tuned to a broader tradition of social theory and portraiture.

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Charlotte Dumas, Al Lavoro!
Published by FantomBooks/Boiler, 2011
Hardcover, 40 pp.

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